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Social media marketing was invented here. Seriously. We were among the very first companies to develop a business model around marketing through social media. Way ahead of traditional and digital agencies, we established the best practices for social media marketing. Then the traditional and digital agencies turned to us to be their partner in serving their clients. True story. We help brands build their entourage.

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How to Get Users to Share Content on Social Media

The AE water cooler has been buzzing the past couple weeks with everything from Twitter changes to the reality of paying for engagement. Even though the “pay to play” strategy seems to be the direction we’re headed in, there are still some small things you can do to optimize your organic reach and get users to share content on social media!

One of our favorite bloggers and marketing experts, Neil Patel, released this great infographic on Quick Sprout based on the shareability of recent content on major social media platforms. On Facebook, mentioning buzz words similar to “coupon” and “promotion” proved to be less effective than using words focusing on how it benefits the user such as “winner” and “win.”According to the graphic, the best approach to Twitter is to to use a more passive approach. Words such as “please” and “help” top the list.

There are even a few tips on how to describe yourself on LinkedIn! So, to see which those are and more in the infographic below!

The Surprising Words That Get Content Shared on Social Media

Social Media Trends Shaping 2014

Going back over the last blog I wrote about trends, visual design trends specifically, I noticed that it mentioned many things currently on TV and online. The biggest being how consumers are now portrayed as more diverse. Naturally, when I saw this latest blog on what social media trends are currently shaping 2014, I was intrigued. How many of these will come true? How many have our marketing agency noticed affecting the landscape? Most notably:

Social Advertising – As more brands are starting to roll out advanced marketing tools, marketers are finding creative ways to use them to connect audiences and grow ROI.

Photos – As digital marketing becomes more visually inclined, we’ve had to find strategic ways to get our message out there. Our new team members have sure helped too!

Social Media Integration – It’s great to see that brands are starting to realize that an online presence can be great for business. However, many businesses still don’t use social media strategically.

Read about these trends and more in the infographic below:

5 Unbelievable Social Networking Statistics To Improve Your SEO

People often separate SEO and social network media platforms. But, when it comes to marketing your business, social networking through digital media is a huge factor to improve your rankings on your SERP (Search Engine Results Page). How important is social networking for SEO? Let’s take a look…

1. Auto-posting to Facebook decreases likes and comments by 70%. (Hubspot)

More engagement means higher ranking on social network search engines or content feeds. It can be timely to post fresh content to each platform, especially if you’re a small business owner managing your social media, but you’re hurting yourself if you don’t take the time to acknowledge your online customers’ needs by providing quality info.

2. Contrary to popular belief, most people aren’t using multiple social networks. Over 50% of Internet users either don’t use any social networks, or use just one (i.e. Facebook). (Our Social Times)

If you are taking the time to provide quality content, make sure your customer is there waiting for you. You could be spending your money on PPC ads or focusing on raising the quality of your website (and it can always be better) to boost rank. Don’t base your research on race alone, but here’s a 2014 chart from the Wall Street Journal to get you started.

3. People will fail to click-thru 100% of the links that don’t exist (Ethan Bailey)

In SEO terms, you want to build as many links from trusted sources as you can manage. A great way to do so, is social media. You can focus on writing great content on your website with informational blogs that will, a) rank well for relevancy for search engines, b) share well on social media, and therefore linking people to your site and boosting your SERP. Though search engines take into high consideration the quality links connecting your site to others, links being shared on social media between people is not ignored by search engines.

Here is the Facebook link checker. Paste the URL in and see how well your URL is doing on Facebook.

4. Content that has been extensively tweeted about, with and without embedded links, can cut indexation (rank) time by 50%

The spike in social media relevancy (and spike in linking to your site) reduces the time it takes Googlebot to find your content from 2 hours to 2 seconds. May not seem like a lot, but people are looking for sources that post original content by the second; literally. In the SEO world, you feel the need, the need for speed.

5. Social network and media marketing budgets are projected to double in the next five years. (Business to Community)

One of the main reasons is the amount of measurable ROI is growing with social networking platforms. That data can transfer over to developing targeted content that will in-turn drive lucrative traffic to your site and raise your rank. Your access to information to make informed business decisions is readily available; that alone is worth managing social media. So, $ x 2. Just make sure it’s not going to twice as much waste with bad or irrelevant content please.

For great measurement on a budget, try Google+ Ripples. It shows you how effective your posts on Google+ have been with an interactive graphic.

There are many ways to improve your website and social media presence through optimization. Social media, if executed properly, will raise your rankings and create the traffic we’re all after.

I hope you found this helpful. Please be sure to leave a comment with questions, email us at, or simply give us a call at 214-414-3035.

Relevant Case Studies

Turning Instagram into Give-A-Gram for a Good Cause

Arlington Highlands

6000+ likes on Instagram photos

Arlington Highlands, a mixed-use retail shopping center in Arlington, Texas, wanted an alternative way to encourage shoppers to donate to the annual DFW Toys for Tots toy drive.


Agency Entourage strategically placed six Give-a-Gram mats in high foot traffic areas throughout the shopping center. To encourage participation, we created an easy to follow, three-step instruction process printed on the mat, that even novice Instagram users could follow making it a simple and easy process. Give-a-Grams were promoted on all social media platforms, email distribution list and the shopping center’s blog. Plus, for tracking purposes, Agency Entourage created a short hashtag that users could use to tag their Instagram photos.

By designing durable mats with instructions clearly written out on weather-proof adhesive mats we increased the amount of money that the center was able to donate while we increased engagement on the center’s social media pages.

300+ photos were uploaded to Instagram from December 1 – 19; 6000+ likes on #AHgive Instagram photos; 114 #AHgive mentions on Twitter.

“I have never worked with a more responsive and accountable team. Overlay that with great talent and you get a home run.”​


How Social Media Can Liven Up an Event

Allegiance Capital

41% Increase in Twitter FollowersTHE BRIEF
Allegiance Capital Corporation is an investment bank which specializes in financing and selling businesses in the middle market. Each year, Allegiance Capital Corporation sponsors the Texas Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Capital Connection. The Texas ACG Capital Connection enables business owners, executives, intermediaries and other service providers in the Southwest to network with the nation’s leading sources of private equity and debt capital.

Weeks ahead of the event, Agency Entourage cultivated an online following of attendees and industry-related people. Agency Entourage heightened Allegiance Capital’s profile by working with the onsight videographer to interview keynote speakers at the conference (like Ben Stein), establishing a hashtag on Twitter, interacting live from the event with attendees, live blogging during presentations, and shooting and uploading YouTube videos during the event.

The “Beyond the Podium” campaign made it possible for Allegiance Capital to discuss news and forecasts of the industry with individuals at TX ACG Capital Connection, as well as those who were unable to attend the event in person.

1st ever live blogging from the TX ACG, 41% increase in Twitter followers; (arrow icon pointing up) a dramatic rise in the number of visits to their blog; 1,382 YouTube channel views; (footsteps icon) steady traffic to their booth

“Producing the first live blog from the TX ACG Capital Connection enabled Allegiance Capital to expand the return on our annual sponsorship of the event while promoting the event itself. The Agency Entourage team advised us well and helped us deliver a production that we and the ACG were very proud of. We’ve received many compliments, generated media coverage and continue to see results from the online visibility and content created.”

Katherine Kirkpatrick, Vice President of Public Relations.


Generating New Business through Social Media


89.7% increase in new accounts


Since 1948, Qualtrust Credit Union has been offering financial services to meet its members’ needs. Today they continue to expand its products, services and technology, while providing fast and friendly services. However, they needed to establish a social media presence in order to help increase brand awareness, member relationships, number of accounts, and direct loans.

Agency Entourage participates in weekly Twitter chats to share Qualtrust’s expertise without asking for anything in return. We post to Facebook and Twitter every weekday with polls, promotions, expert advice. We maintain a weekly blog to create and provide valuable content about financing and we send emails to indirect loan members with targeted, relevant offers.


Agency Entourage created shareable content that meets the informational needs of customers and delivers differentiated value to build trust, reputation and eventually membership.

89.7% increase in new accounts; 607 Facebook fans in 25 days; 306,800 page impressions in 25 days; 6.56%, increase in website page views in the first month

“When you can sell more services to your existing customers, that’s just sweet. When you can do it through email… that’s Agency Entourage.”


Client Testimonials

  • What a wonderful and refreshing group of professionals who just 'get it." I have never worked with a more responsive and accountable team. Overlay that with great talent and you get a home run. I enjoy everyone I work with at Agency Entourage and appreciate the authenticity and complete devotion to the client's needs.

    Leisa BargerSr. Vice President of Marketing | The Retail Connection, L.P.
  • "We have always struggled with finding an agency that has a constant program with habitual value. In Agency Entourage, we found a marketing solution that features a professional, courteous and cordial team. Though the marketing industry is very competitive, major benefits of working with Agency Entourage are the good content value they produce which helps our brand stay relevant online."

    David CrossCEO | AAA AUGER
  • “I really appreciate how Agency Entourage started our campaign. From the beginning. They did a full-blown brand workshop with our team, matched our input, and came back with creative strategies that blew away our expectations.”

    Marty RocheVice President of Global Sales and Marketing | eClinical Solutions
  • “When you can sell more services to your existing customers, that’s just sweet. When you can do it through email... that’s Agency Entourage.”

    Greg ScottSVP Marketing of Qualtrust Credit Union



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